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Realising Your Assets

Use for an easy and convenient way of selling your surplus assets. Provide us with details of your surplus equipment and leave the rest to us. Talk to our trained and experienced staff who will work with you to ensure a successful sale.

Use when
  • You have surplus, redundant or duplicated assets
  • You require controlled disposal of specialist or high value equipment
  • You have only a few items to dispose of
  • Business confidentiality is required
  • You have assets to sell but need non-disturbance of ongoing operations
  • You have assets in overseas locations
How Does It Work?
  1. Register for a account.
    You will be able to list items once your account has been approved by an administrator.
  2. Read our terms and conditions for vendors.
    You will need to agree to the full terms in order to sell an item with Some points of note are:
    • is a trading name of Moody Auctions Ltd.
    • Moody Auctions Ltd retain sole selling rights for all items listed.
    • Moody Auctions Ltd will collect all sale proceeds on behalf of clients and pay net proceeds within fourteen working days of bank clearance.
    • A seller's commission of 10% + VAT will be deducted from the net proceeds of the sale.
  3. Add an item to our system.
    Complete all required fields (marked with *) on the 'add an item' page in the member area.
  4. Edit the item and add any relevant images.
    You can continue to make changes to your item until you submit it to our system for approval.
  5. Submit the item for approval.
    You will be notified by email once your item has been listed for sale on the site, or if there were any problems with the details of the submission.
You can see more details about each step in the member area after you have created your account.

Trouble-Free Disposal of Surplus Assets

We do all the hard work while you get on with your core business. will

  • Create a market place for the disposal of surplus equipment
  • Market the items via our website putting your assets before a worldwide audience
  • Advertise in periodicals, newspapers, Internet media and direct mail
  • Receive payments and arrange for the removal of assets
Worldwide Audience Improves Chances of a Better Bid
  • Vendors and buyers from anywhere in the world can sell and buy equipment from
  • You can now dispose of single items of machinery which might otherwise be too troublesome to dispose of
  • Where a minimum price is wanted, this will be published along with all our terms and conditions