Recently Added Equipment
2011 Carrier Air Cooled Water Chiller Model 30RB0522
2006 Wright Field Dicer
2010 Riggs Model 1000 Depositor
Anton Parr DSRn with Inline Adapter with mPDS 5 Evaluation Unit
2003 Thermo Ramsey Inline Check Weighers Model AC9GP
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The following is a summary of our upcoming auctions and our items for sale by private treaty. Please follow the links for full details, or use the menu at the top of the page to navigate to a specific section of the site.
Client Sales
Unsold Lots - Ready Meals Equipment
Unsold Lots - Ready Meals Equipment47 itemsOn Behalf of Major Ready Meal Manufacturer & Others Modern Food Processing & Packaging Equipment.

Ready Meals Multihead Weigher Packing LIne
Ready Meals Multihead Weigher Packing LIne4 itemsNew & Unused 2015 Multiweigh Twin Lane Ready Meals Production Line For Packs 30g - 230g

Unsold Lots - Cheese & Food Processing Machinery
Unsold Lots - Cheese & Food Processing Machinery36 itemsOn behalf of Greencore, Adams Foods, Freshpak and Others Cheese, Meat & Vegetable Process Machinery

Unsold Lots - Process & Packaging
Unsold Lots - Process & Packaging81 itemsQuality Liquid Processing, Filling and Packaging Equipment

Unsold Lots - Liquid Processing Equipment
Unsold Lots - Liquid Processing Equipment111 itemsLiquid Processing & Packaging Equipment - Gaulin 37 Homos, Westfalia Seps, Large Qty Tanks & Pumps.
Equipment For Sale
Food Processing
Food Processing8 itemsMeat & Vegetable Slicers, Dicers, Meat Grinders, Mincers

Electrical Components
Electrical Components38 itemsSiemens & Allen Bradley Plc's and Spares, Mitsubishi Inverters, HMI's, Power Supplies etc

Fillers & Depositors
Fillers & Depositors5 itemsRotary & Linear, Gravity & Counter Pressure, Butter Stick and Portion Packers etc

Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment1 itemAutoclaves

Liquid Processing
Liquid Processing6 itemsPumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Homogenisers, Separators, Centrifuges etc

Powder & Dry Goods
Powder & Dry Goods5 itemsEvaporators & Driers, Storage Bins, Conveyors & Augers, Hoppers, Mills, Mixers etc

Packaging & Weighing
Packaging & Weighing13 itemsMetal Detectors, Flow & Shrink Wrappers, X-Ray Machines, Check Weighers, Labellers etc

Services11 itemsBoilers, Compressors, Chemical Tanks, CIP Sets, Tables, Fridges, Scales, Hoists, Gantries, Washers, Sinks etc

Silos, Tanks & Vessels
Silos, Tanks & Vessels13 itemsSilos, Mix Tanks, Storage Tanks etc