Recently Added Equipment
2 x 2013 Cochran Steam Boilers New & Unused
2 x 2013 New & Unused Ingersoll Rand R45i Screw Air Compressor
3 x Cochran Thermax 27,000 Kg/Hr Steam Boiler Working Pressure 14.5 Bar
ALS 330 Rotary Labeller
KOSME 6000bph Wet Glue Labeller
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The following is a summary of our upcoming auctions and our items for sale by private treaty. Please follow the links for full details, or use the menu at the top of the page to navigate to a specific section of the site.
Upcoming Auctions
Everards Brewery
Everards Brewery
For Sale by Online Auction 100hl Brewhouse with Large Range of Tanks & Equipment
Online only Starts
1st Sep 2017
10:00 BST
8th Sep 2017
10:00 BST
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Client Sales
Unsold Lots - Mortlake Brewery
Unsold Lots - Mortlake Brewery309 itemsModern Brewery & Liquid Processing & Packing Equipment with St Steel Tanks, Valves Pumps, etc

8 x Stainless Steel Bright Beer Tanks
8 x Stainless Steel Bright Beer Tanks8 items2 x 22brl (36hl) & 6 x 15brl (25hl) Bright Beer Tanks

2015 500l (5hl) Brewhouse inc 5 fermentation vessels
2015 500l (5hl) Brewhouse inc 5 fermentation vessels1 items2015 500L (5hl) Brewhouse available Manufactured 2015 it has only been used 20 times.

Brewery Process & Packaging Equipment
Brewery Process & Packaging Equipment30 itemsOn Behalf of Hall & Woodhouse Brewery Process & Packaging Equipment

Complete 30 Barrel Brewery
Complete 30 Barrel Brewery19 itemsComplete 30 Barrel Brewery with 8 x FV's, Mash Tun, Copper, Mill & Grist Case and Hotwell Tank

2011 Onion Peeling Lines with Slicing & Dicing Equipment
2011 Onion Peeling Lines with Slicing & Dicing Equipment26 items3 x 2011 Backus Onion Peelers with Hoppers, Wash Wheel & Bagger & Urschell Slicers.
Equipment For Sale
Brewery Equipment
Brewery Equipment6 itemsBrewery Specific Equipment including Malt Mills, Deaerators, Carbonators, etc

Electrical Components
Electrical Components38 itemsSiemens & Allen Bradley Plc's and Spares, Mitsubishi Inverters, HMI's, Power Supplies etc

Food Processing
Food Processing6 itemsMeat & Vegetable Slicers, Dicers, Meat Grinders, Mincers

Fillers & Depositors
Fillers & Depositors6 itemsRotary & Linear, Gravity & Counter Pressure, Butter Stick and Portion Packers etc

Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment1 itemAutoclaves

Liquid Processing
Liquid Processing6 itemsPumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Homogenisers, Separators, Centrifuges etc

Powder & Dry Goods
Powder & Dry Goods5 itemsEvaporators & Driers, Storage Bins, Conveyors & Augers, Hoppers, Mills, Mixers etc

Packaging & Weighing
Packaging & Weighing10 itemsMetal Detectors, Flow & Shrink Wrappers, X-Ray Machines, Check Weighers, Labellers etc

Services13 itemsBoilers, Compressors, Chemical Tanks, CIP Sets, Tables, Fridges, Scales, Hoists, Gantries, Washers, Sinks etc

Silos, Tanks & Vessels
Silos, Tanks & Vessels10 itemsSilos, Mix Tanks, Storage Tanks etc