Recently Added Equipment
2004 SIG Alfa Rollquattro Rollfeed Labeller
Carbonated Liquid 6 Head Filling Line
Ice Cream Pasteuriser Rated at 5000 Litres per Hour
300Hl (180 Brl) Jacketed, Insulated & Clad Conical Based Tank. Anti Vac & Pressure Relief (BBT 20)
150Hl Insulated & Pressed Steel Clad Brigh Beer Tank with Anti Vac &Pressure Relief (BBT1)
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The following is a summary of our upcoming auctions and our items for sale by private treaty. Please follow the links for full details, or use the menu at the top of the page to navigate to a specific section of the site.
Client Sales
Unsold Lots - Roil Foods
Unsold Lots - Roil Foods12 itemsAnhydrous Milk Fat (AMF), Concentrated Butter and Butter Ghee Production Facility Loacted at Wrexham
Equipment For Sale
Brewery Equipment
Brewery Equipment7 itemsBrewery Specific Equipment including Malt Mills, Deaerators, Carbonators, etc

Fillers & Depositors
Fillers & Depositors1 itemRotary & Linear, Gravity & Counter Pressure, Butter Stick and Portion Packers etc

Liquid Processing
Liquid Processing3 itemsPumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Homogenisers, Separators, Centrifuges etc

Powder & Dry Goods
Powder & Dry Goods1 itemEvaporators & Driers, Storage Bins, Conveyors & Augers, Hoppers, Mills, Mixers etc

Packaging & Weighing
Packaging & Weighing8 itemsMetal Detectors, Flow & Shrink Wrappers, X-Ray Machines, Check Weighers, Labellers etc

Services6 itemsBoilers, Compressors, Chemical Tanks, CIP Sets, Tables, Fridges, Scales, Hoists, Gantries, Washers, Sinks etc

Silos, Tanks & Vessels
Silos, Tanks & Vessels12 itemsSilos, Mix Tanks, Storage Tanks etc